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For the Master Plan of City, the chosen Planning Area boundary consists of the entire City Council, parts of District Council and Meru District Council. The gazetted Planning Area boundary takes into account the current trend in the city and a conscious decision to limit urban sprawl and safeguard the unique biodiversity footprint surrounding the area.

The boundary for the Master Plan stretches from Kisongo and Ngaramtoni in the west upto Tuvaila (Maji ya Chai ward) in the east. Towards the southern boundary it extends until Terrat.

Due to the presence of steep topography, rivers and the active volcano in Mt. Meru, developments are restricted to about 2-3 km beyond the east west corridor (Moshi-Nairobi road). As per the existing administrative boundaries, the following wards form part of the Planning Area:- The entire City comprising of 19 wards.

– 10 wards from Arusha District Council – This includes the wards of Kiranyi, Moivo, Ngaramtoni, Ngaramtoni 1, Kimnyaki, Olorieni and Mlangarini; and the villages of Oldadai, Sokon and Sekei from Sokon II ward, Sasi from Bangata and Ngorbob in Mateves ward.

– 9 wards from Meru District Council – This includes the wards of , Akeri and Maji Ya Chai; the villages of Ambureni and Nikoanrua from Nkoanrua ward; Kimundo from Nkoarisambu ward; Sing’isi from Seela Singisi ward; Njoro and Ndatu from Poli; Nikoaranga, Nshupu, Nkoanekoli and Sangananu from Nkoaranga ward and Kikwe and Nambala from Kikwe ward.

The “Planning Area” for Arusha City Master Plan measures 608

Arusha Master Plan 2035
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  1. Charles Hotay said on 27/12/2015 9:43 pm:

    It is good idea to have a newly proposed Arusha City Master Plan 2035,But we have to work cautiously as our aim shouldnt be to increase the size of the city which to me it makes no sense,It is better to have new developed small size manageable Cities near Arusha eg toward Nairobi and simanjiro Area.When for example you take 50% of arable land in Arusha District council and Meru District council then you will make life in Arusha City very difficulty as most of fresh produce are coming from these 2 councils.We have to analyse any proposal critical.Let me give you a vivid example,Amsterdam Holland one time was experiencing rapid increase in population and you may find out the city was built in 17th Century,to cope with the increase the government decided to build a new town-Almere in mid 70s which was elevated to Municipal in mid 80s and I think it has gained City status.Amsterdam has 220km2 ,well planned and a population of 1.3m,I happened to be there several times.Let us work on possible workable plans rather than increase the size of city which doesnt help anything at all,let us not compare the sizes of cities it is immaterial.Dar is different with Mwanza and Arusha and fortunately we have alot of land in Tanzania to create many City as we can insteady of concentrating in one huge area.

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