Internet Service Providers in Arusha

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Internet Service Providers in Arusha

or ISP in range from Public owned TTCL, Habari Node, Smile , Blink, Cybernet, African Online, AFSAT Communication Limited, CATS-NET and much more.

The following ISPs/companies provide Services in city:

Tanzania Telecommunication Limited – TTCL

TTCL is a public institution which operates in nationwide, providing high-quality and reliable networks which offer a comprehensive range of telecommunication services to businesses, consumers, operators and the government.  It was  established in 1994, after the dissolution of Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. The dissolution resulted into separating the telecommunications business from the postal services business, postal bank business and creating an independent communication regulator.

Smile Tanzania

Smile Communications provides 4G LTE mobile broadband in several countries in Africa. Our objective is to become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast mobile broadband and SuperClear voice services in each of our markets and to provide over 300 million potential customers in our countries of operation with a fast, reliable and high-quality broadband to accelerate development and wealth creation. Our mission is a fully connected Africa enabled by a team that is driven by passion, integrity, humility and humanity.

For more information please visit our Group website.


Blink is a boutique Solutions Provider that has been providing value driven connectivity across . Utilizing Wi-Fi technology proprietary antennas and repeaters, Blink is able to serve a large area with broadband Internet connections with a nationwide expansion view. Established since 2014 as an offshoot of GadgetroniX, it has gained its reputation by being the first to commercialize numerous connectivity technologies in , as a result of heavy investments into research and development in infrastructure. – Internet Service Provider
Welcome to, Tanzania’s Leading ISP! At we believe in providing fast, reliable, high-tech, value driven and cost effective back-haul and last mile connectivity solutions to home, SOHO, businesses and organizations. Being in the market for over ten years, we understand what it takes to deliver a true broadband . We take pride in our capacity to back-up our delivery with after sales support.

Africa Online TANZANIA – Internet Service Provider
Africa Online Tanzania offers the small, medium and large business with a wide range of products and services that address the most demanding of needs. Whether you require connectivity during hours, or if you more interested in a leisure use from home, Africa Online Tanzania is able to provide you with a solution best suited for your needs.

Afsat Communications Tanzania Limited – Internet Service Provider
Our Wireless Internet Access, is a high speed, high capacity access.It uses Breezecom or Lucent equipment. It involves installation of an antenna at the subscriber’s location; this is then pointed to any of our several Repeaters according to the line-of-sight available between the Subscriber and the AFSAT facility.

Arusha Node Marie – Internet Service Provider
The Node Marie Internet Society (nicknamed the Marie Node or the Node) is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a difference. We are a Non-Profit society of members, which offers internet services at cost, and has done so in and nearby towns in Tanzania since 1994.

Benson Online – Internet Service Provider
Benson Informatics Limited (BOL) is first NLOS wireless broadband Internet service provider of Tanzania – We are the new Data Service in Tanzania and we are starting our services in September 2003, in Arusha, Tanzania.

CATS-NET – Internet Service Provider
On 1st March 1997, CATS Group became an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and started providing Internet Services in Tanzania. To offer you the latest in high-speed Wireless Connections using their Aironet 340 Series Wireless Bridge which can provide connectivity speed upto 11mbps/sec.

Cybernet – Internet Service Provider
Cybernet is Arusha’s leading Internet Service Provider. We offer the fastest connections and a conveniently located Cyber Cafe to allow anyone access to global email and the World Wide Web. We are located on India street, steps away from the Clock Tower – the midpoint between Cape town and Cairo.

SimbaNET – Internet Service Provider
SimbaNET (T) Ltd High speed wireless access in Tanzania. A virtual ISP in its simplest form is a marketing and sales company that appears to others as a stand alone full service ISP. With virtual ISP, there is no need to install servers, modem banks, routers, or switches, and hire all the employees needed to support all the employees needed to support all of this equipment.