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Learn Tanzania history through
- Archaeological sites such Olduvai Gorge, Laetoli Footprint, Isimila Stone Age site, Engaruka Ruins;
- Historical sites such as Kaole Ruins, Kunduchi Ruins, Kilwa Kisiwani Ruins, Songo Mnara Ruins;
- Historical towns such as Bagamoyo, Kilwa Kivinje, Mikindani;
- Traditional Settlements such as Kalenga in Iringa and Bweranyange in Kagera;
- Historic Buildings like Colonial Administrative Buildings (BOMAs) in many Districts in Tanzania;
- Sites with special memories like Colonialists Cemetery, Cemeteries of World War I and II and Defensive Walls;
- Natural Features and Structures such as Mbozi Meteorite, Amboni Caves and Kondoa Rock Art Shelters to name only a few.

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