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The School Of St.Jude

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The School of St Jude’s mission is ‘Fighting Poverty Through Education’ which is achieved by selecting the brightest and poorest of Arusha and is reflected in our essential selection

At 22 years old Gemma Sisia travelled to Uganda to volunteer as a teacher, where she taught girls maths and sewing. This experience led to a fervent belief that a free, high-quality education should be the right of all children in the world and that education is the strongest weapon in the fight against poverty, corruption and political instability.

Upon returning to her native Australia, Gemma fundraised to help underprivileged children in East Africa complete their schooling. She would raise enough money to start an official fund to invest in the education of East Africa’s poorest children. Along with the gift of a small plot of land in Arusha, Tanzania, Gemma began to build The of St Jude with the help of friends, family and Rotary groups


It will be educating up to 2000 students each year, from Grade 1 to Form VI, across three campuses. It will employ over 500 local staff, will be predominantly run by East Africans, and will provide boarding for up to 1500 students.

We are working towards becoming a Centre of Excellence for teaching and learning at primary and secondary levels, and will be helping its graduates to realise their aspirations. Graduates from St Jude’s will be respectful, responsible, honest and kind citizens, gainfully employed, capable of trustworthy leadership in their communities and at the national level, and will be giving back to the and their communities.

St Jude’s will be seen as a model for fighting poverty through education, and will be contributing to the improvement of teaching and learning across Tanzania.



The School of St Jude
PO Box 11875
East Africa

Australian postal address
PO Box 82
Kew East VIC 3


In Tanzania

+255 686 049 142 or +255 755 106 058

Visitor Coordinator

+255 783 116 367 or +255 758 305 77

Emergency contact

+255 767 672 566 or +255 766 699 115

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