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Arusha Community (ACC) is an international, interdenominational, lay-led congregation. The is independent and autonomous, but the Diocese in Arusha region of the Evangelical Lutheran of (ELCT) has graciously agreed to links being established with them for legal purposes. Administered by its Council, the ACC has grown steadily over the years with a programme which includes Bible Studies, Sunday School, social benevolence, and other programmes for children, youth and adults.

Today, our membership covers the spectrum from Roman Catholic to Pentecostal. That which unites us is faith in Christ ? as well as in the English language. Services are led by members, some of whom are ordained but many not. Preachers come primarily from within the congregation, but on occasion guest preachers are invited from surrounding congregations and ministries.
services are held at 10:30am every Sunday morning, as well as on other special days of the Year. Sunday School is during the service and Adult Education is often held at 9:15am. There are many other activities including (click the link to see a slideshow of activities)