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For over two decades, UCC has been providing world class ICT Solutions to one of Africa’s most distinguished higher learning institutions, the University of Dar Es Salaam (UDSM) and the public. With years of experience under our belt, our ICT Products and Services come second to none and throughout the years, UCC has grown with the industry to become a competitive and dependable ICT partner and Service Provider for central and local government authorities in Tanzania and beyond, academic institutions, the business community as well as civil organisations.
UCC is an ‘ICT ‘ company wholly owned by the University of Dar Es Salaam was originally established to conduct lectures in all computer related courses, to conduct researches in informatics and to provide computing services and consultancy in ICT to both the university and the rest of the country.
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is part and parcel of our everyday life. You engage with ICTs when you go shopping, at the bank, hospitals, you name it As a result there is high demand for ICT skills in the labour market and numerous advantages for choosing a career in Information a career in Information Technology.
What benefits await you?
* A vast pool of career paths.
* Higher employment opportunities
* Lucrative salary packages than in many other sectors
* Opportunities to visit other parts of the world and many more

The University computing centre offers a complete range of ICT training courses including
‘Academic courses’
Professional courses
Short Courses
Tailor made courses
University Computing Centre
University Road
Mlimani Campus
P.O.Box 35062
Dar es Salaam
E-mail: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 255-22-2410641/45
Fax: 255-22-2410690

Dar es Salaam – City Branch
University Computing Centre
CRDB Building 1st Floor
Azikiwe Street (Opp. New Post Office)
Dar es Salaam




Financial Training Centre, Dar es Salaam, REG/BMG/004, Private institution with full registration, Dar es Salaam,It has the mission of become a quality tuition provider of world-class professional qualifications on an equal opportunity basis. FTC is a modern training institution founded to educate, train and develop individuals for internationally recognized professional qualifications globally in Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing and Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Studies

Programs offered

The FInancial Training Center faculty comprises of highly exprienced teaching staff who have consistently produced prize winning students.

Murtazer Nasser FACCA, FCPA(T), FTAA.- Managing Director

With over 25 years of experience in the profession, Murtaza provides the strategic direction and quality assurance to FTC’s performance and pathway. He is also  involved in Auditing and Financial Reporting.

Sukaina Sheriff ACCA – Training Manager FTC

Sukaina’s has more than 3 yrs experince in teaching ABE, CAT and ACCA Qualifications in subjects like Financial Accounting, Business Taxation and other Business related subjects.

When she is not focusing on the needs of her students, Sukaina enjoys walking, reading and solving Sudoku .

Gard Apuko Lameck – B.Com(Hons) and MBA

Has been a lecturer in various learning institutions in Nairobi. He has also been involved in training of various Insurance firms in Kenya while attached to the Kenya College of Insurance before moving to FTC.

He has more than 7 years in lecturing and at FTC he lecturers in Management courses such as Human Resource Management, Marketing, Recording Financial Transactions among other modules.

Douglas Muna Bsc(Hons) and AIMIS

A graduate in Computer Science and Business from the University of Sunderland (UK) and an Associate Member of the Institute for the Management of Information System ( UK).

With more than 6 yrs of accumulated knowledge in lecturing in numerous colleges in Computing, Business and Accounting courses, he brings a wealth of knowledge at FTC and undertakes exam based and knowledge based lecturers in ACCA, CAT and ABE courses.

Mr. Job Kahagi Kariti BA(Hons) in Economics

A graduate of economics and trained in accounting. He has been teaching both part-time and full time in various colleges. He is widely experienced in teaching taxation and business law.

Peter Were CPA(K)

Lecturer for ABE,CAT and ACCA with over 8 years of experience in lecturing various management accounting and financial accounting related subjects

Samuel Aggasa BSc(Applied Hons),ACCA(Aff)

Lecturer for ABE,CAT and ACCA with over 5 years of experience in lecturing auditing,corporate governance related  subjects,auditing and corporate reporting


Pysical Location:     1st Floor, Osman Towers, Zanaki Street
Postal Address:     22731
City:     DAR ES SALAAM.
Country:     TANZANIA.
Telephone:     +255 22 2115251/2/3
Mobile Phone:     +255 774 567567   +255 774 567567
Fax:     +255 22 2130519
E-mail:     [email protected]

Evin School of Management operates in an environment characterized by considerable political, economic, social, technological, and environmental change. Increasing competition, significant population growth, economic development, and challenges related to student recruitment, retention and engagement, affordable remuneration, the growing gap between revenue and expenditure growth, and calls for greater public accountability, among other factors are reshaping the institution’s operating environment. While these offer new opportunities, they also present challenges. Over the planning period, Evin School of Management will leverage its strengths to ensure that it meets the organisational and leadership development needs of its learners and clients.

Programs Offered

1.Undergraduate Programmes
Certificate of General Manager
Diploma in General Manager
Advanced Diploma in Business management

2.Postgraduate Programmes
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership

Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership
3.Continuing Professional Development Programmes
ABMA-Association of Business Managers and Administrators Qualifications

Undertaking a Business Management course with ABMA, available at Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma, will not just mean that you are proficient with the fundamentals of business such as management and business finance, the course will provide you with a qualification that puts you at the forefront of Business Management today.This Business Management course will provide you with the skills required to thrive in a management level role within business.

4.Management and Leadership Development Programmes
An indigenous performance management and development model drawing from the Tanzania Had to help          individuals and organisations improve on their growth and effectiveness.
Mastering your Growth and Effectiveness
How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Your Organization
Leading for Growth and Effectiveness
5. Forming a Highly Performing Team Building
As with all of our professional executed team buildings our selection of team building events, team building activities and team building program are all presented with an exciting scenario briefing, intelligent facilitated and ­finally debriefed in a mature manner…..!

How to Apply

Download Application form below.

Download Application form here in (PDF)……..!


327 Garden Road
Mikocheni P.O.Box 34780
Dar es salaam, Tanzania +255 United Republic of Tanzania

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +255 22 2773299/+255 22 2773282

Fax: +255 22 2773282

Mobile: +255 782 392919

The Institute of Finance Management aims to become a world class centre of academic and professional excellence and agent for change in financial studies and related disciplines. This is an ambitious but achievable goal. Considering the many achievements it has recorded in a span of only 40 years, IFM is now more than ever committed to become a world class centre of academic and professional excellence
and agent of change in financial studies in Tanzania and beyond.IFM will endeavour to use its highly qualified and committed employees, and modern technology to provide quality market-driven academic and professional training, research and consultancy in accountancy, banking, finance, insurance, social protection, tax management, management, computer science, information technology, and related disciplines in a way that meets the needs and expectations of customers and other stakeholders.

Programs Offered


  • Accounting, Banking & Finance
  • Computing, Information System & Mathematics
  • Economics & Management Science
  • Insurance & Social Protection

Admission and Applications


Shaaban Robert Street
P.O Box 3918
Dar Es Salaam

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +255222112931-4
Fax: +255222112935

Institute of Social Work, Dar es Salaam, REG/PWF/002, Government institution with full registration, Dar es Salaam, Full.Since 2006, the Tanzania Institute of Social Work (ISW) has been partnering with Jane Addams College of Social Work (JACSW) and the Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center at the University of Illinois Chicago to strengthen the social work profession in Tanzania.A particular focus has been on training community caregivers in key social work, case management, and child development skills so they are better able to meet the needs of most vulnerable populations, including orphans.In collaboration with the Tanzania Human Resource Capacity Project, partners have trained some 2,500 Para-Social Workers (PSWs); 329 PSW supervisors; 103 master trainers; and 75 district social welfare officers as of July 2011.ISW leads all related quality control and technical assistance efforts, collaborating with all five implementers to provide trainers and facilitators.

Programs Offered


Social Work Faculty Tanzania

Social Work Professional Organizations

Government Organizations Reports & Libraries

Articles and Journals Collection

Books Collection:


Tanzania Emerging Schools of Social Work (TESWEP)
AIHA Tanzania Offices
Skyway Building, 2nd Floor
Ilala Municipal, P.O.BOX 80297
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Tel: +255(22)212.6880/1
Fax: +255(22)212.6780
Mobile: +255786 600900 (Coordinator), +255 755 958972 (Hub Developer)

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