RE:List of Hospitals and Medical Centers in Arusha

Flying Medical Service is a strictly non-profit, volunteer organization, which provides regular preventative, curative and health-related education services. We also do air transport for medical emergencies.

We have been based at Arusha airport since 1983. We operate two specially equipped Cessna 206 aircraft.

FMS provides medical transport for people throughout Tanzania regardless of religion affiliation, ethnic background or ability to pay immediately. We work in remote areas that are far from regular health care facilities.

We try to be affordable and sustainable.

FMS has full-time staff volunteers who are pilots, one is a doctor. The government of Tanzania has granted us important exemptions. This helps us to provide our service as affordably as possible for the average Tanzanian citizen.

Preventive and curative health care

We fly a regular, two-week schedule to 25 airstrips to vaccinate and treat people as close as possible to their home within and around the Arusha Region. We evacuate very sick patients to the nearest hospital. Communities maintain their own airstrips.

Emergency flights

We have regular radio contact with our pilots and with hospitals. We advise on the most appropriate facility for the patient’s problem. We have a doctor available. We do not request payment guarantee, but we ask for a contribution towards the cost of the flight.

FMS provides transport for visiting medical specialists and paramedical staff

The aim of this outreach is to assist medical professionals with on-the-job exchange of views and updates on medical practices. We are developing a small library with educational material.


FMS plays an active role in the maintenance of the existing medical radio network in Tanzania. We improve communication for remote hospitals by installing radio-calls and radio-email.


Flying Medical Service

Pat Patten, director

PO Box 508

Arusha, Tanzania


Phone +255 759 367 367

+255 788 367 367

+255 27 250 8583

+255 27 250 8760 (also fax)

+255 784 416 217

+255 784 381 480

+255 789 189 655

+255 783 005 503

Email [email protected]


Welcome to Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre

The Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) is Arusha’s newest and only full-service hospital. Located in the center of downtown Arusha, ALMC offers general and specialty care in many areas. This website is designed to give an overview of the hospital, it’s staff and services. Roll your cursor over the map to see a second map with local features.

Our staff is fully dedicated to your well-being during your outpatient visit or hospital stay. If there is something we can do to improve your visit, please let us know.


The mission of Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre is to serve,
treat, and minister to the whole person;
in body, mind, and spirit.

ALMC promotes strives toward this mission by providing
competent and compassionate medical care, by promoting
health development in the community, and by proclaiming
the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our pledge to our patients: your care and comfort is our number
one priority. To that end, our staff developed and stands by the
following patient rights:

That You Will

  1. Receive courteous, respectful and appropriate treatment
  2. Know the name of the doctor responsible for your care
  3. Have clear information provided to you about your
    diagnosis and treatment
  4. Have pain assessed and appropriately treated
  5. Have privacy and respect for your individuality
  6. Have your questions answered promptly
  7. Have your hospital information kept confidential
  8. Have your billing adequately explained to you
  9. Receive spiritual care as part of your holistic care


Arusha Lutheran Medical Center (ALMC)

P.O. Box 12877
Tel: 255-27-250-1594/250-6849
Ithasharia Charitable Hospital,
P.O. Box 475
Tel: 255-27-250-2320, 254-3787
Mobile: 078-445-9600

Kammed Consult and Laboratory Services

P.O. Box 6043
Tel: 255-27-250-7851
Mobile: 071-365-1488, 074-843-0833 (Dr. Mhando)
Selian Hospital Clinic/Selian Town Clinic
Tel: 255-27-226-47, 250-8030/3726