RE:List of Hospitals and Medical Centers in Arusha
List of Doctors in Dodoma
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Aga Khan Health ServicesP.O.Box 270, DodomaDr.Jane Chaula General: Tel/Fax: 255-26-2321789Emergency Mobile: +255 773-194832Family Doctor: Gulshan Imran Mobile: +255 787-664839Dr. Abdul Othman Mob Read More
List Of Doctors in Kigoma
Heri Adventist Hospital and Seventh Day Adventist Clinic P.O. Box 1056 Kigoma Tel:255-28-801534 Mobile: +255 757-502168 Kigoma International Health Center P.O. Box 1069 Kigoma Dr. Francis Simeon Rweb Read More
List of Doctors in Zanzibar
List of Doctors in ZanzibarAl Rahma Hospital Kilimani Road, ZanzibarP.O. Box 281Tel:255-24-2236715Dr.Salha Mobile: +255 774-518123 / +255 713-51812 Read More
List Of Doctors in Arusha
Arusha Medical Center (AAR) P.O. Box 12877Tel: 255-27-250-1594/250-6849http://www.aarhealth.comIthna-Asheri Charitable HospitalP.O. Box 7176Tel: 255-27-2502320, 2548737Fax:255-27-2544561Mobile Read More