Terms and Conditions

About City Travel Guide

It is a free online Travel Guide and Directory for marketers, travelers to promote Tourism. If your listing does not comply to the rules below, it will not surely be activated and hence will be deleted. Your account may also be deleted and banned forever if you will repeatedly violate the rules below. We encourage natural linking and visits, any artificial linking, rating and visits will be penalized.

Listing Terms and Conditions:

  1. The listing title must be self explanatory and short as low as 2 to 6 words
  2. The description must have a minimum of 50 to 150 words. We do not recommend long descriptions because they do not add any value to readers.
  3. Do not repeat the title in the description
  4. Item must be assigned to the correct and most relevant category
  5. Supply the most relevant keywords, a single word which is common and well explain the listing
  6. Each item must have at least 1 or more relevant photos/images around 1024 width pixels and in gif, jpg/jpeg or png formats in the form of a photo or a logo otherwise it will be automatically be assigned to the default image from City Travel Guide or it will be deleted as will be determined by the site administrator
  7. The photo must be assigned to the relevant alternative text shortly called “alt text” to implement this make sure you rename a photo file name to the relevant keyword.
  8. Link to the item source website URL in the form of http://itemwebsite.com and must not contain malicious codes, illegal content websites or pornographic contents
  9. Copyrighted contents are prohibited
  10. CAPITALS are prohibited. Use title case in the listing title and sentence case in the body
  11. All listings are for specified period of time which may change according to the site owner. You must renew after expiry to continue maintaining your account and listings
  12. No link back are allowed in the body text area
  13. No contacts are allowed in the body as these contact can be managed by the account
  14. NO Nude, abusive, racist, derogatory, offensive, illegal, terrorist or pornographic websites will be up-loaded onto The City Travel Guide.
  15. All featured listing that do not qualify to be listed as featured will be immediately converted to free listing
  16. For paid services, invoices are sent via e-mail attachment to reduce overhead costs so we can provide lower cost for paid listings.
  17. We strongly encourage natural ratings and clicks. Any influencing, forcing or providing incentive to rate the listing is a violation of listing rules and this act may  force us to remove and block the email id from further listing with us
  18. All content/page must be in English.
  19. Include a correct location that is understood by Google
  20. Administrators reserve the right to update/change listing content without advance notice to the owner.
  21. Administrators reserve the right to remove listing without advance notice to the owner.
  22. Administrators reserve the right to change the listing status without advance notice to the owner.
  23. Administrator will remove any listing that violate one of the mentioned terms and conditions
  24. All other universal rules that governs the internet use and directory listing shall apply