Residential Areas in Arusha

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Three types of residential areas in Arusha city available. The Low density areas, high density areas and slum where low income people live with no proper human being services like water, health facilities, shopping mals etc

  1. The low density area are located south of Arusha city, a place called Njiro and Uzunguni areas
  2. The low density areas include places like Kijenge, Kwa mrombo, Kisongo, Ngaramtoni, Sekei, Ilboru, Sakina, etc
  3. The slam areas include Ngarenaro, Kijenge ya Chini and Juu, Ungalimited etc

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Real Estate. 01.04.2008. New residential area for Arusha. Terrat and Mkonoo in southern Arusha are set to become new upmarket residential areas according to