Send Money from TIGO-PESA to CRDB Bank -Financial Services Option

09/09/2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mobile Transactions

Send Money from TIGO-PESA to CRDB Bank

from TIGO-PESA to

from TIGO-PESA to Using Option

  1. In the phone call screen type *150*01# and press call button
  2. Select # 6 –
  3. Select # 1 – TIGO-PESA to
  4. Select from the list # 1 –
  5. Select # 1 to Enter Bank Account Number
  6. Enter Bank Account Number (Our account no. is 01J1034874900)
  7. Enter amount you want to pay
  8. Enter PIN to confirm

Wait for the completion message from TIGO and CRDB. If the transaction is unsuccessful, please repeat from step no. 1 above